Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

First real hill – Gusborough Moor

After reading endless pages about peak bagging i decide to have a go at my first peak and i picked the closest to home Gisborough Moor. I set off on own just before 12:00 in good weather and followed a pre planned route over the moors and onto a dirt track, after several anxious looks at my map i realised i was on route and proceeded at quite a quick pace up towards the summit.

I passed the grouse huts and eventaully found the summit, i sat down inside the cairn to get out of the way of the relentless wind and eat my dinner sponsored by Greggs – suasage roll and corn beef pasty. The wind then really picked up and i decided to set off as some real dark clouds were rolling in off the north east coast. One hour alte and i was back in my car and on my way home. The was quite an easy summit but the wind really annoyed me, who knows how i will cope with the wind on Ben Nevis on Saturday.








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