Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Cringle Moor – Drake Howe


Set off early at 8:00 with one peak in mind, by the end of the day i had bagged my first double.

Weather was good again although slightly colder than the previous walk. I parked slightly west of the hill were the road meets the Cleveland Way. The path headed east and was well worn and easy going, i was soon on the high palteau of Cringle Moor. The actual summit of Drake Howe is found just off (SE) the Cleveland Way path via a sheep track. The cairn is easily reconisable and looks to be on top of some sort of burial  mound. After a quick food/drink break is headed off back to the car. On arriving at the car i decided to do another walk as i had a bit of spare time so i headed off to Urra Moor.


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