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Walking forum meet up 1/12/07 – Langdale

I went to the Walking fourm meet up on my own and quikly made some great freinds with Summitzero , Walking Girl, Titanium and Darksky. We stayed at the Langdale National Trust campsite. Myself and Summit arrived first and made a hasty retreat to the pub once the tents were pitched. I made the mistake of not getting food even though Paul did reccomend it highly. I spent the next 20 minutes with my mouth watering as Paul tucked into half a chicken and chips.

DS, TI and WG soon arrived and we stayed till last orders at the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub. We headed off back to the tents for a cold night in the tents getting battered by wind and rain.


We started at the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel (car parking available at the hotel or in the National Trust car park on the opposite side of the road), following the path to the rear of the hotel and up the fellside, we took the left hand flank of Stickle Ghyll (also called Mill Gill), heading north west. The path is well marked for most of the way, but the wind and the rain put an edge on the walk. Upon reaching the dam at Stickle Tarn we enjoyed the tranquility of the tarn and the imposing face of Pavey Ark by pausing for a drink and a bite to eat.

After crossing the Ghyll we followed the path along the south-eastern shore of the Tarn. We walked around the tarn and decided to head back home following the same path home as the weather was really bad.

I really enjoyed my first real winter walk and cant wait to go back again to add the two pikes to this walk. I do need some new boots and coat but that aint gonna stop me getting out and about. Damp feet and clothes are a small price to pay for the break taking scenery.

langdale011207_1.jpg langdale011207_2.jpglangdale011207_3.jpglangdale011207_4.jpg


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  1. Great to walk with you, next time we will go up and around…
    Tesco rocks

    December 5, 2007 at 12:31 pm

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