Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Eston Nab – Working off the xmas turkey 30/12/07

I was starting to wonder when i would ever get out again, so i took the opportunity to go to the gateway to the North York Moors which is just down the road from me.

Eston Nab at 242m is a small Hump but is a reasonable hike up to the top. I parked at Flats Lane county Park. I walked out of the park and fell over coming down a hill. I was covered in mud and laughed at such a bad start to a walk. I picked up a footpath and headed for Eston Nab. The ascent was slippy but managable, the views over industrial Teeside are really good. On the summit were BT pilons, a trig point and a chimney from an old brick works. There are some small cliff drops to the North West which carry the usual North East graffiti you expect.

The weather quickly changed to horrible wet mist and i decided to descend around the eastern edge of Eston Moor. On the way down i could spot the outline in the clouds of Roseberry Topping and when it cleared Captains Cook mounement was visible.

Once the descent had fininshed i picked up the A171 and headed back to the car. The walk was around 5.5miles and took no longer than 2 1/4 hours. I packed my backpack full of tins to the brim to give me an extra workout.

Path upto Eston Nab

View of Teeside

Carr Pond

Ascent Eston Nab

Teeside from Eston Nab

Eston Nab

Old stoneworks  next to trig

View of Roseberry Topping, weather closing in Eston Moor


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