Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Thomas claims his first hill at 3 years and16 days (9/2/08)

Thomas climbed Roseberry Topping on 9/2/08. He has been asking to join his dad on a mountain climb so we took him to our local Matterhorn – Roseberry Topping near Great Ayton.

Kitted out in Spotty Otter suit he walked unaided all the way to the top, taking about hour and half. We stopped once so Thomas could rest his legs and have a snack.

The weather was great, but a tad windy on the top. After reachind the trig point we sat down and eat some sandwiches then set off back to the car. Thomas made it unaided back to the car and soon fell asleep. We popped into Lord Stones cafe on the way home and had dinner and a pint (£1).

Next stop for Thomas is the lakes, it was suprising how fit he is, i fully expected to have to carry him at some stage. But he proved me wrong.


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