Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Catbells / Castle Crag 26/4/08

Thomas and Leanne joined me a weekend camping trip to the Lakes, our destination Hollows Farm @ Grange in Borrowdale.

We arrived early and quickly pitched my new tent the North Face Tadpole 23, which i can now confirm is officially the best tent on the planet lol. 2 adults and a 3 yr old child managed to fit in it which was quite surprising. once the tent was up we headed for a car park just North of Skeghill bank.

It started to pur down with rain but luckily for Thomas we had his all in one waterproof Spotty Otter suit. Myself and Leanne were drenched in our cheapo gear.

We reached the top of Skeghill bank (the 1st hump on Catbells) quite easily and gave Thomas a well deserved rest. The rain continued and i didn’t think Thomas was game for climbing Catbells but he was in good spirits so we pushed on.

A dog soon passed us which Thomas took great interest in and that gave him the incentive to get to the top of Catbells. After a few carries over the slippy rocky scramble section we soon made the summit which was very windy. A quick photo and we descended into a lull on the face of catbells to get out of the wind. The clouds covered us and we sat down for a hot brew from the Jetboil.

At this point i was supposed to go a bag a few more Wainwrights but i could see that it was going to be hard work getting Thomas down from the hill and back in the car safely, so i decided to leave them for another day. When we finally got back to the car myself and Leanne were soaked through while Thomas was bone dry and toasty warm.

We later went round keswick to get Thomas a power ranger toy for doing his 1st Wainwright. After a night of rain i set off early on my own to bag Castle Crag.

Although it is the smallest of the Wainrwrights i can honestly say it was hard work getting up it. It has loads of character and plenty to see. The top is like a slate covered hill with a war memorial on the top. Clouds covered my walk but on the top they disappeared for a great 5minute spell which i spent chilling out looking over Derwent Water. On the way back 2 wild deer jumped across my path but they were gone too quick to get a shot of them.

A good weekend which the weather tried to spoil but failed, i am well proud of Thomas and Leanne for getting there first Wainwright, hopefully many more to come.

Peace out.


2 responses

  1. Great report and excellent photo’s..,how long did it take you to get up castl crag?

    April 28, 2008 at 10:30 pm

  2. ukmase

    From the base of the hill i reckon about 20/30 mins. Its quite steep at points and a very intresting little hill.

    April 29, 2008 at 8:37 am

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