Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Backgarden camping

Promised the young-un we could camp out so we set up the NF Tadpole and lit the fire pit. Toasted marshmallows and jacket spuds all round then off to kip. Tried out a new light weight sleeping combination.

Alpkit wee airic(460g), Aztec Teclite 700 (750g)  and a Adventure Medical Thermo0lite 2.0 Bivvy sack(197g).  TOTAL WEIGHT 1407 grams.

The temp last night got down to 5C. Wearing my usual Dare2Be thermals (costing just £10) i was more than comfy and got a great nights sleep.

Checking the bag this morning it was slightly damp at the foot end due to the condensation, so was the bivvy. But on closer inspection of the bivvy there is  a vent at that end which looks like it would give adequate ventilation.  I think i will use the combination for the upcoming Derwent Water ramble next weekend, if it does the job i hope to use the combination for the following

  • Late Spring / Summer Long Distance Paths
  • Low level wild camps
  • Weekend thru-hikes involving carrying the camping kit.


Also did an dinner hour jog around the Dalton Route again and bumped into my mate keith at the fishing pond. Jog time 30mins.


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