Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

New kit

Well my 30th birthday brought me many goodies, but the picks of the bunch was the new outdoor kit. So in my haste to tell the world about my pressies here we go.

Haglofs Oz Pullover– Just about the lightest waterproof jacket on the market. The build quality of this jacket is amazing and the gortex paclite feels strong enough to take a good kicking in the hills. It survived a recent hour long torrential downpour on Black hill. I don’t over heat in it and it packs down into nothing, at 175g it should be able to take everything except the extreme Scottish winter and high level mountaineering. Size wise i had to go for a XL which fits a broad 6ft 3 frame really well all though anybody bigger will struggle. Design wise the charcoal colour works really well and i plan to wair this for the forth coming football season, i think it will fit in well with terrace fashions….stone island is dead, long live Haglofs lol











Alpkit Pipedream 400– I have not given this an outing yet so i will stick to the company specifications.  Once again Alpkit come up trumps in my eyes for sticking two fingers up at retailers and their high prices and keeping it real with a damn good product backed by people more than happy to give you help. More to come on this one.

PipeDream 400 600 800
AK Comfort/ºC * -3 -10 -17
Fill weight /gr 400 600 800
Min weight /gr 750 950 1150
Compression bag1 /gr 120 120 120
Lwt stuff bag2 /gr 20 20 20
Min pack size /cm 21×201 or 24×172 23×211 or 26×182 25×221 or 29×192
External dimensions /cm 210×70


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