Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Osmotherly – Keso’s HW training

Well Keso my other half has finally decided to take the Hadrians Wall seriously and took part in a bimble aroud Osmotherly.

The walk itself was provided by the Osmotherly walking store and is No.8 in the booklet of walks available at this store for £2.

We walked 7 miles in 2hrs 45 minutes, The route was as follows;

Sheepwash-Scarthwood moor- Arncliffe wood – Cleveland Way – Swinestyehill – Quarry Gate – Sheepwash.

Get the full route by purchasing the walks from the Osmotherly Walking store.

The weather was great, the area was packed with day trippers and Keso did really well considering i made her carry the rucksack lol… We also came across an Adder but i was too busy distancing myself from it to get a photo, i am sure Indianah Jones films scarred me for life when i was a kid.





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