Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Training Day 15

6 miles jogging under the belt today, bumped into my old next door neighbour on my travels who made me realise I could up the pace a bit more. I also got covered in hundreds of tiny black flies who seem to be everywhere today.

Popped to Go Outdoors and picked up some final kit for the Hadrians Wall which starts next week.  Here’s a quick run down

  • North Face Paramount convertible pants (For Keso)
  • NF  Banff Tee-e (For Keso)
  • Helly Hansen LS Crew – Base layer (For Keso)
  • 4 Dried Meals
  • Nikiwax tent reproof-er – Totally overpriced, think i will avoid this from now on.

Not a bad shop considering i got all this and a few other bits for less than 100 notes. We will see how the bits of kit get on after 7 days on the trail.

The backpacks are ready and feeling light-ish….well feather weight compared to what i carried on the Cleveland Way last year. i will post up a kit list and pack weight later when i get chance, i feel the need now PTC has added me on Twitter 🙂


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