Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Hadrians Wall Day Three – Chollerford to Once Brewed (13 miles)

ukmase says…….

A made a delicious fry up with the jetboil frying pan – pretty good bit of kit might I add. The supposed back end of a hurricane was supposed to hit today and the wind was up and the clouds were grey. Leaving Chollerford behind and the flat sections of the walk we headed off to on the roller coaster section that would be a tester. It failed to disappoint, the scenery was fantastic and just like you see in all the iconic pictures that go with this walk.  This section is not to be taken lightly, a lot is said that the Hadrian’s Wall is good long distance walk for a beginner, but this section would test most accomplished walkers. The weather held out, and we didn’t get blown off the face of the earth. But again it was a long day and the site of the youth hostel for our only night not camping was gladly received. Take a look at the pub next door Twice Brewed, it is a great pub and well worth a visit. Stamford’s cider is served on draught along with a host of other beers and lagers. Some young lad made a tit of himself after drinking 10 bottles of 9% Czech lager and staggered out of the pub after being refused the bar girls mobile number, he was heading off the next day for a 20 miler of the Pennine Way – double ouch….

keso says ………..

After a delicious breakfast of fresh pancakes with syrup and a generous portion of bacon sarnies it was time to start day 3. The beginning of the trail was Chesters (a passport stamping point). We had a browse round the gift shop but declined on the chance to go into the museum, the excavations had been cancelled due to the horrendous rain, so on with the walk. There was a very steep bank to begin with and Mase had to push me up it. We came across Bronconlita and a Temple which were very interesting, even if the temple was underwater. Next was Housesteads, a very interesting fort on the Wall. Again I was so relieved to get here; we enjoyed a delicious sandwich, homemade crisps, millionaire shortbread and some lucozade before continuing!!! The ups and downs of the next part were enjoyable but very exhausting. Seeing the Once Brewed Youth Hostel in the distance was a great motivator. The once brewed pub is next door to the hostel. After making our beds, washing our clothes, drying our clothes and a quick nap we headed to the pub. Mase enjoyed some pints of local cider while I enjoyed some wine. A steaming bowl of homemade veg soup and homemade bread was sufficient to keep my hunger at bay while Mase enjoyed home made steak pie, chips, gravy and local seasonal veg .

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