Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Hadrians Wall – Day Four – Once Brewed to Walton (22miles)

ukmase says…..

Feeling rather great after a good feed and drink we hit the trail early doors as there was a long day ahead. First off was a step pull up alongside Winshield Crags to the highest point on the walk. Green Slack at 345m has the cleanest air in England according to my guide book. The amount of walkers on this section was much greater than on any other section of the wall, but I quite enjoyed seeing people out and about. The walk started off as it finished the previous day, which was a roller coaster ride along hilly terrain, this only lasted as far as Greenhead and I was sad to see the amazing landscape flatten out. We bumped into a Dutch couple for the first time here, we would meet again many times in the following days.

Today was a long day and I basically lied to Keso about how far was left to the campsite. By the time we reached Walton we were knackered and begged the campsite owner to make us food after walking out of the Centurion Inn after the owner rubbed me up the wrong way.

keso says…..

I have to say this was my favourite day. We enjoyed a lovely buffet style brekkie before heading off. The trail started with a nice steady pace with some beautiful scenery. We were soon faced with the highest point on the trail (Winsheilds crag), according to scientists they know its the cleanest air because of the lichen growing here.

We soon arrived at Cowfields and enjoyed a much deserved hot chocalate. After this i decided to steam ahead to leave mase to pack away the jetboil, unfortuntely i took a wrong turn and ended up the top of a very steep hill, oh well.

A couple of miles away came Walltown arefreshments, we enjoyed some sarnies and stocked up on ibrufen. We soon came across Thirwall castle and Gap farm. Birdoswald was the place of our 4th stamp. We had a browse around the museum before starting the last part of day 4.

We passed some of the last remaining parts of the wall before arriving at a very substantial snack hut at Haytongate Farm . The honesty boxes a re a great idea, we enjoyed a can of coke and a flapjack. The remaining part of the walk was on a road and was quite tedious. Finally we arrived at the centurion Inn, my feet were hideously swollen and my left ankle was like a balloon, we didnt stay long though and headed for Sandysike campsite. Mase pitched the tent while i chilled with a few people staying in the bunkhouse. The owner offered homemade cottage pie(£7) and after a much deserved warm shower and warm by the log fire it was time for bed.

Campsite – Sandysike campsite (£5 per son)

The owners are quintessentially British and made us feel very welcome, a warm shower was available inside the bunkhouse and breakfast was £6. You camp on the large front lawn of the large family estate.

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  1. Nearly there, Paul…. I; must say, you two have been cracking on with this walk. I finished my HW day walks yesterday after six days and I met five blokes from Kent taking two weeks over it (!) When I left they they were starting a bit of a session in the Greyhound at Burgh by Sands.
    I can’t help feeling that we’ve got the wrong idea, somehow…

    September 10, 2009 at 8:27 am

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