Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Langdale – Blowing a gale

I headed off for Langdale National Trust campsite on Friday and when I arrived the campsite had sever gale warnings plastered all over the site with areas closed to minimise falling tree risk. I found a good pitch close to the facilities and pitched the NF Tadpole, after sorting my gear I headed for the ODG for a pint of Old Rosie’s cider. I hit the hay about 11 to the sound of the Langdale express roaring around the valley and rain poring in at a frightening rate. My new must have kit accessory – ear plugs made sure I had a great night sleep.

I woke up at 7 and popped my head out of the tent to see mass tent destruction, I helped my neighbour fix his snapped pole then popped to the camp shop to get the Mountain Weather Forecast, not good, in fact it wrote off the full day. Gusting winds of 85 mph on the tops.

A bloke came over and asked me for advice on his planned day and the weather, he was planning on taking his 11yr old daughter up Scafell Pike, with no compass and a map that was drawn on a piece of paper……hence to say I told him not to consider it.

I set off up to Stickle Tarn and the going was bad, real bad, the wind was horrendous and its the first time I have seen a waterfall get blown upwards.

When I got to the tarn I quickly realised I was going nowhere in this weather so headed back down. I picked up some breakfast then headed back to the tent for a kip, I woke up at 11 it was sunny and the wind had died down slightly… on.

This time I headed up towards Loft Crag, the views from the top were great and a wind shirt was enough to keep me warm. When I got to the top of Pike of Stickle I spotted some black clouds approaching from the West at an alarming rate. I decided to run up Harrison Stickle and half way up the wind and rain hit me and knocked me down, literally. When I finally got to the summit I found a boulder to hide behind and eat some dinner. The wind was some of the strongest I’ve seen on top of Harrison Stickle, I decided to follow some guys across to Pavey Ark descending around the North side. When I reached the tarn the only way across was to submerge my already wet boots into the cold water, its amazing how my NF Hedgehog boots let water in but won’t let the stuff out. A speedy descent of down Dungeon Ghyll finished off a weird day in the hills. If at first you don’t succeed, go to bed for an hour then try again.

Wainwrights bagged : Pavey Ark 2288ft, Harrison Stickle 2414ft, Loft Crag 2238 ft, Pike of Stickle 2324ft.

[rockyou id=153795955&w=426&h=320]


One response

  1. peter crawford

    Looked good to me. But then it always does. See ya soon.
    Cheers Pete

    October 8, 2009 at 9:14 pm

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