Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Langdale FCH

I met up with a few of the FC Hikers in Langdale on Saturday evening and a route was planned from Langdale to Grasmere and back. Of course the usual post walk drinks in the ODG stopped any early morning start and Paddy and Gill did their usual speed similar to a three legged turtle with cramp when getting up on a morning.

When we set off we found the national trust car park full to the brim with about hundred peeps hanging around. A quick detour off the beaten track made sure we saw the last of the crowds for the day and we headed off towards class=”mceItemHidden”>  “>Blea Rigg. We dropped down a few hundred feet to pick up Codale Tarn and stopped for food&drinks chilling by one of the less freqeunted tarns around Langdale. Fuelled up we headed NE to bag Tarn Crag which is a pleasant hill with amazing views down into Grasmere.

The next point of call was Sergeant Man which was due West and over the top of some steep crags which took a bit more effort than i would have expected. Close to the top i spotted a deer taking a stroll. The summit of Sergeant Man was easy to spot once we topped out over the crags. The weather had held out after a shaky early morning start which you come to expect in the Lakes at this time of year.

Our route home took us to Thunacar Knott and down the path in between Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle, of course the bagger in me took over and I left the group to bag High Raise after a short jog to the summit, i will however be visiting this top again as it has a lot to offer in views.

Once back at ground level Pete headed off back to wet Wales and i polished off an adequately sized pie served in The Sticklebarn with Paddy and Gill before heading back to the site for a shower and an evening on my bob tod.

I awoke early on Monday, through the tent in the back of the car, had a quick shower and was at work for 9am in Barrow. It’s quite handy when work and pleasure combine.


Wainwrights bagged  Blea Rigg 1775ft, Tarn Crag 1804 ft, Sergeant Man 2415ft, High Raise 2500ft, Thunacar Knott 2372ft

Pics to follow when i can work out how to bluetooth from phone to my new laptop……bloody Vista

[rockyou id=153974046&w=426&h=320]


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  1. peter crawford

    A nice day out this with decent weather and great views. The climb from Tarn Crag to Sergeant Man was very strenuous. It was the first time I had worn boots rather than shoes for months and really felt the extra weight. Next Lakes visit will be for two or more days tho. The journey back to N.Wales took an age. Long stretches of M6 southbound are clogged due to road works and will be for many weeks.

    October 29, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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