Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Sony EricssonW715

I had owned one of these previously but it all came to an early end with a dumfounded act of buffoonery from my fiancée who decided to give it a whirl in a 40 degree spin cycle. My works phone upgrade brought us back together.

This is a great phone with widescreen viewing, wi-fi, camera, walkman, internet access and an in built GPS receiver to name a few.

I will be using the phone to track my jogging routes and walks but this time its staying well away from the laundry basket.


Update 23/11/09

GPS tracking – Easy turn on the tracker application, start a training session. Then do your walk. The walk i did was over 8hours and the battery was fine. Then when you get home drop the GPX file onto your PC using the USB lead. If you have memory map the route you have walked can be shown on memory map. I have also used this for my regualr jogs and it displays the results in a handy format so you can analise your results.

Video Player – A handy fucntions to have on the trail to pass the lonely nights in a tent. The BBC iplayer now allows downloads and a this can be done on a PC before your journey and transfered onto your phone of memory card. Sound and picture quality is good and the size of the memory cards means you can have a video per night on the trail.

Music Player – It can do the job an ipod brings to the table. I downloaded some Outdoors Station podcasts to listen and the whole process was remarkably easy. So the Ipod will be getting left at home next time i hit the trail.


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