Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

FC Hikers anniversary-Edale

Well its been over a year since a few of us got canned from LFTO .  We setup the Peaceful Hikers forum  to discuss our outdoor activities and have a bit of craic.  This meetup was to celebrate our little hiking club and discuss future outings, of course this was just a guise for our usual post walk drinking session.

One thing that you are guaranteed at one of our meet ups is atrocious weather and with reports of washed out bridges and vast areas of the country under water it looked like it was the same old story. We met up at 8pm at Coopers Farm campsite in Edale, the tents quickly got pitched up and we headed for some drinks in the Old Nags Head. We had plenty to discuss and plenty of things to laugh at, but i will keep that for another day. After hearing the usual “see your drinks off please” shout from the barman we headed back to the tents. It looked like we had lucked out on the weather, perfect clear starry skies. Of course T-dude had to get his pigging barometer watch out and foretell bad weather for the following day.

After some brekkie, we headed off on the planned walk, i set my Sony phone GPS tracker on trial for the first time to record the walk. The first half of the walk was mainly off the beaten track and we took advantage of the open access rules. The views were limited to 50 yards due to the low clouds. When we reached Win Hill the clouds had lifted and the views of the surrounding areas were well worth the effort, we decked down just below the summit of Win Hill and got out of the wind for lunch.

On todays menu was a Reiter / Beef and potato hotpot, the jetboil provided the hot water and it was quite nice although I did my usual bollock of not putting enough water in.

We headed down into Hope and popped in the Cheshire Cheese Inn for a swift jar, when we left the heavens had opened up and it was poring down. By the time me made the summit of Loss Hill it was blowing a gale and the rain was stinging through my jacket, basically it was awful. The light had faded and Mam Tor in the dark seemed a bit of a waste of time, so we headed back down into Edale.

My top half was bone dry – result for the Haglofs Oz. My bottom half was soaked, and my NF Hedgehogs were soaked through, although i suspect this was down to my over trousers riding up and exposing my socks. Nothing a quick shower and change of clothes wont fix…

We dined in the Old Nags Head and i can recommend the Old Nags Special which is a huge Yorkshire pudding filled with minted lamp, veg, chips and gravy. On to the Hikers Bar down the road were the drinks flowed and Woodstock charmed every person in the pub. Pete and Gill headed back and the myself and t-dude continued drinking well into last orders and a crate of stella back at the tents….but thats all in a days work for us……A great weekend, lets see what the next year brings, more of the same please……..

[rockyou id=155118482&w=426&h=320]


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