Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas

Santa delivered an amazing little border collie that will be joining me on many an outdoor adventure. I also got given a few  pieces of kit to play with which include.

  • Berghaus Paclite pants
  • Tadpole 23 footprint
  • Paddy Dillon’s National Trail’s book
  • Wind up torch from Unicom
  • Spare pair of thinsulate gloves

I can’t wait to get through new year and hit the mountains, I am itching to go and 2010 plans are shaping up nicely. I also took delivery of a Iron gym workout bar to get me ready for some climbing. This has given me a real wake up call with regards to upper body strength, i have literally turned into an aerobic fairy. 2010 will bring in more core and upper body training to give me the all round strength i will need to achieve my goals.

On the 2010 target front i am still pondering over the year-long alcohol ban, the cigarettes getting binned is a must. A mate of mine has asked my to take him to Toubkal after seeing the pics from this years trip. I  may well take up this opportunity if things pan out.

The TGO is still buzzing around my head and thoughts have turned to route planning as i have just about got my kit sorted. Twitter has been a great source of TGO banter in the last few weeks, i have found plenty of blogs as well to get the info i need and to put a few well known names to faces.

Until then i leave myself pondering over the Yorkshire Wolds  Way…..4 days or 3 ??? hmmmmm


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