Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

2010 starts with a snow storm

I woke up and decided to hit the local hills in search of some adventure. My first obstacle was leaving Pepper at home, she tried every kind of trick to keep me at home but I was resolute and she was  as I left the house.

I tried in vain to get my car up the snowy banks towards Captain Cooks monument but failed miserably and two lads had to bump me out the verge where I had skidded. So i headed for Roseberry Toppings car park just off the A173. I pulled on my Scarpa Mantas and hit the trail, the weather to start with was perfect and when I reached the top of Roseberry Topping I could see a storm approaching, I decided against my better judgement and headed off out into the moors to test my navigation in a snow storm.

My clothing for the day was North face summit series base layer, berghaus fleece and NF Mammatus jacket with thinsulate hat and gloves. I was sporting my winter Berghaus pants and Berghaus paclite over trousers. My feet were in Brasher socks and Scarpa Manta boots.

To my dismay hanging stone wood which is one of my favourite places is no more, the forestry commission have chopped the lot down – probably to fill our front rooms with christmas trees. It will grow back in time but it was still a little upsetting. When I reached the hanging stone the storm had really kicked in and the wind was up to about 35mph. I decided the High Cliff nab would be my next port of call as I had never been there since my Cleveland Way 2008 trip. The views from the top were zero and I didn’t hang around long, instead I sheltered in the wood while i enjoyed some service station donuts and lucozade. Out of the thick snow came a walker and he joined me, he turned out to be a member of the Cleveland Mountaineering Club – an organisation i had never heard of before. We chatted for a while about the TGO and Cullin Ridge, he gave me some contacts for climbing walls and we said our goodbyes. I will be in touch with the Cleveland MC once I have completed my taster course at the climbing wall. Cheers Alf – may all your walks be memorable ones !!

I had two options now, the easy Cleveland Way path or the Tees link path which Alf had turned back from because of the weather and snow drifts. Not being one for the easy path i headed out into the snow storm and was quickly knee deep in snow, close to waist deep at times. It was just the workout i was looking for and my pulse rate shot up as i forced my way along the path.

By the time i reached Percy Cross Rigg I knew I would not be able to make Captains Cook Monument in time to reach the car before nightfall let alone tea at home. So i headed across Great Ayton moor and realised this walk had now turned into a little winter skills tester. I was micro navigating and walking in visibility that was down to about 10 metres. When i had reached the car I was starting to feel the burn and loved the fact i had headed into my local hills to face some bad conditions.

[rockyou id=155862384&w=426&h=320]

Route Summary

Route Distance: 16.3 km / 10.1miles Time: 4:32  
Total Ascent: 571 m Total Descent: 573 m  



2 responses

  1. Tough going in that snow. I saw a blog post somewhere about snow shoes and, following recent experiences, and the fact that its still snowing, they don;t seem such a daft idea. I’m off to see if I caan get some – maybe tommorrow if I cana get the car out.
    You can see our house in that video (well, you can see where it is anyway…)

    January 3, 2010 at 10:58 am

  2. ukmase

    I saw the recent snowshoe blog post and can remember thinking, i would never need them around my area. They would of been very useful yesterday. Alf from the Cleveland MC told me he gets his ski’s out for weather like this—–on the NYM. I would never oif thought it possible.

    January 3, 2010 at 12:11 pm

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