Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Outdoor show 2010

I’ve seen quite a few bad reports on forums about this years outdoor show but i must strongly disagree. We arrived early which meant we were one of the first through the doors. Within minutes lil Thomas had won a prize by hooking a fish from a sand pit and this set the tone for the day.

I listened to Ben Fogle and James Cracknell talking about their adventures and was in awe at their stories, both really cool guys with plenty to say. Fogle surprised me the most, I really didn’t like him at one time due to his numerous TV appearances. But the guy has some guts and his track record in the outdoors is pretty impressive.

There were a few gear suppliers at the show, but this doesn’t really float my boat. We spent most of the day letting Thomas try out loads of activities and myself and Leanne chatting to some really interesting outdoor folk. At the fashion show Thomas was given a Spotty Otter gillet in a giveaway.

I popped over to the Trail stand and played a little personal joke on Matt Swaine, I couldn’t resist. I spent time talking to Action Nepal – Doug Scotts charity who i always love to speak too, i came away with a signed poster of Dougal Hanston on Everest, one of the most iconic pictures ever taken on a mountain. I chatted with the guys who took Top gear to the pole in a super 4×4, £43k to trek to the pole, maybe one day !!

The owner of a new social networking site fidgetstick had some interesting ideas for outdoor networking and I duly signed up. More to come on this.

All in all an action packed day, I always say you make your own fun. So what if big name brands were missing….shopping isnt my scene, I leave that to the missus.

On the Sunday we headed home via Alton Towers Water Park. Great weekend and stacks of freebies, just check out the picture to see what we blagged. Shy boys get no sweets !!


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