Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Wolds Way Day 3 – Huggate to East Heslerton 18 miles (NOT)

A lazy sleep in and a cooked breakfast meant we did not set off on the trail until 10:30am. We said our goodbyes to the landlord and hit the trail. The sun was out as we walked through grassy Holm Dale on our way to the small village of Fridaythorpe. The duck pond marks the official half way point of the walk and we chilled out in the glorious sun.

When we reached Thixendale I realised we were taking far too much time, I put it down to last night excesses and plodded on to Deep Dale. Wharram Percy was one of the places I was looking forward to visiting. It is an abandoned village complete with excavation site and plenty of history to dig your teeth into. Again I checked my watch and looked at the massive distance we still had to go, something was not right, we still had a long distance to cover before we even got to Wintringham let alone East Heslerton. We discussed our walking pace and late start and put it down to this. We set off at pace this time but it was starting to get late in the day when we reached Settrington Beacon showing the village of Wintrigham in the distance. I looked around, we were all tired and the sun was dropping fast. I checked the map and realised in was going to be a late finish, real late. It was dark when we reached Wintrigham and we put on the head torches as we approached the woods to the North of Wintringam.

After what seemed like hours of night walking, in fact it was hours of night walking we eventually decked off the trail at Manor Wold farm to descend to the road and pick up the Snooty Fox Inn. We arrived in pitch darkness as 22:50, Gill looked down beat, the doors were locked. We had spent the last few hours debating if the Snooty Fox would live up to its name and turn away our group of tired hikers. We heard some noise around the back so we followed the drifting noise to what sounded like Abba. Just when we had given up all hope luck had dealt us a blinding hand, it was karaoke night at the Snooty Fox and the party was jumping. I ordered a round of drinks and the landlord told us we were the latest arrivals he had ever had. The owner came over and gave us 10 bags of crisps and some buns on the house for our efforts. Later I had the party singing along to a Hartlepool United anthem “two little boys”. It had been a long day and Mike was in a bad way with his feet. We had managed to make and adventure out of the Wolds Way trail, not what we had expected at the start of the day. I would soon realise my mistake early the next day.


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