Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

TGO Challenge Day 4 – Chilling in Fort Augustus

Yes that’s right, shock horror we took a rest day. Paddy who has bags of long distance hiking experience suggested we keep a rest day aside just in case on the unknown happening. This rest basically saved Peters TGO crossing, he caught a really nasty stomach bug(a case of the Crawford’s as it came to be known). His heavy pack had taken a toll upon his strength and the day’s rest meant he had time to recharge his batteries and sort himself out for the remainder of the trip. Any first timers should keep a rest day in the bank just in case.

While Peter was recovering we headed off for some fun on Loch Ness, we blasted around the loch looking for Nessie in a very powerful speed boat(see here for a video), hanging onto the bow and riding the waves we twisted and turned around the loch at high speeds. Very good fun and much better than the standard loch cruise.

I acquired some more gaffa tape for my boots and stripped down my kit by 3kg which travelled home thanks to Royal Mail. Jettisoned items included a down jacket, book, travel scrabble,  mini umbrella( I only brought this to wind Paddy up), a cooking pot and a jetboil frying pan. No worries though as it’s all a learning curve.

Later in the evening we met fellow challenger Ken Knight (Wandering Knight) from USA and we shared our homemade veggie pasta with him. This guy is partially sighted but has made 2 crossings of Scotland, we would bump into Ken many times on the trail. Check his blog for his TGOC report.

Its worth mentioning the facilities at Stravaigers Lodge ares great for backpackers, the hot showers and comfy beds went down a treat.

Tommorrow, more walking.


One response

  1. leanne taylor

    great…….cant believe they wouldnt play scrabble with you….and whats with the umbrella to wind pete up….it was my lifesaver in the hadrians wall x

    September 8, 2010 at 11:02 am

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