Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

TGO Challenge Day 8 – Glen Feshie to White Bridge

Awaking in Glen Feshie is something magical that all hikers should experience at some point. It didn’t take long to pass the washed out bridge that our vetter’s warned us about. For those that don’t know each TGO challenger must submit a route which is then painstakingly looked over by a vetter. A thankless task but an essential one that keeps a lot of challengers out of danger, we certainly heeded their warnings.

The bothie was empty when we arrived but the log book showed just how many challengers had passed through this amazing Glen. A member of the MBA was on site to keep tabs on the bothie and we spent a good hour chatting to him about his rather envious lifestyle.

Pushing on through the Glen the ancient trees were a real talking point, very rarely I am dumb struck by natures beauty but today I spent most of  the day just gazing and taking it all in. The ancient trees became less frequent as the River Feshie bent SE then East, we made light work of a river crossing then crossed a bridge with an amazing waterfall beneath it.

The wildness of Scotland had hit me, this is what i had signed up for. We passed a flock of Atko tents over the river and pressed on, White Bridge was still about 45 minutes away when i spotted a fast approaching rain cloud. After a quick discussion we pitched the tents (here) just as the heavens opened up. We ate and drank inside Paddy&Gills lightwave tent which was has a great porch to chill in when the weather is bad. I awoke in the middle of the night and popped my head outside, we were in thick cloud, the other tents were not visible from 10 metres. Sorry about the amount of pics but I really enjoyed Day 8. Any ideas were the nearest boot shop is ?


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