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TGO Challenge Day 12 – Ballater to Aboyne

Pete’s feet were killing him so after a heated debate we choose the cycle path to Aboyne instead of a hike up to Mount Keen. The group dynamics were stretched to breaking point at this time and I just wanted to get going rather than dwell on our decision.

I needed something to take my mind off Mount Keen so the group agreed to join me in a drink fuelled ramble to Aboyne. A quick stop at the local co-op provided us with Peroni, cider and brandy which is the preferred tipples of the FC Hikers.

The cycle path took us through the Muir of Dinnet, it was similar to a walk around the local park. We stopped at a hotel for drinks and discussed our camping options for the night, the girl behind the bar told us about a camping spot close to the bridge in Aboyne so we agreed this would be our destination. Somehow Peter managed to miss this information, he seemed rather taken by the Swedish bar lady that spoke to us, maybe he was day dreaming.

Bored and wanting the coast to come as quickly as possible I pushed on by myself and located the wild camping spot which is on the banks of the River Dee close to the bridge. I quite enjoyed the location of this camp, it was directly opposite the pub across the river.

Paddy and Gill turned up but Pete, unknown to us had plodded along to the campsite at the opposite end of town, the heavens opened up and Pete was nowhere to be seen. A few hours passed and with darkness closing in I sent two local youths out on bikes to try to find Pete, who luckily bumped into them. Not the best day for Team F.C but we were moving ever closer to the East coast and our ultimate goal.


One response

  1. leanne taylor

    i knew peroni would be in there somehwere x

    October 4, 2010 at 2:56 pm

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