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Tookiebunten – Meet the Outdoor Bloggers

tookie bunten

Name – Tookie Bunten, technically it’s really David Bunten but your more likely to get a response if you shout Tookie.

Twitter profile – @tookiebunten

Age – A young looking 34

Home Town – As I always say, I’m a Ayrshireman (Cumnock), living in Lanarkshire (East Kilbride), working in Glasgow.

Where do you spend most of your time outdoors? A fairly even split between Ayrshire and Lanarkshire these days.

Where did outdoor passion come from? Mostly my parents and family, we would always go walks all over the place. We had a caravan but before that a tent or the loan of a Caravanette and went away for weekends and holidays. Galloway, the Borders, Sutherland, Argyll. You name it and I’ve probably been there, even south of the wall. The Lake District, Wales, Norfolk are few that stand out in my mind. Also living in the countryside helps. I was never more than a 5 minute walk or bike ride from hills, woods, rivers, open fields. I enjoyed exploring and was given a fair bit of freedom to roam, get dirty, soomin wet wading burns, sook water from puddles, fishing and the like when I was younger. I joined the Boys Brigade as an Anchor Boy and stayed through to Company Section. I got a greater access to the outdoors through them and to more activities. My eyes were opened to more than just walking. The brigade had their own mini-bus, canoes and kayaks. That got me more weekends away. My first experience of sleeping in a bothy and the West Highland Way. Doing the DofE through them as well. All the skills I learned through them for the outdoors. The list goes on, it just added up to great time and I think that is why I have a passion for the outdoors.

Favourite spot to camp?  I wouldn’t say I have one. Maybe it’s a case of too many to choose from? This years would be below the Shelter Stone in the Cairngorms. It was a great weekend with great company.  

Favourite hill? All of them but if pushed, I’ll probably say Blackcraig at New Cumnock for any number of reasons or the Merrick in Galloway because it was my first ‘big’ hill.

Biggest achievement in the outdoors? Nothing that I would consider worthy compared to what some of my peers have done, are doing and continue to do.

Any burning desires? To paddle round and camp on some of the smaller uninhabited Western Isles. Always been a dream to do that one summer or over few. Another would be to cross Scotland on foot a bit like the TGO Challenge.

Boots or trainers? I’m a convert to trainers just need to find a suitable pair for the winter. Best decision I have made in regards to outdoor gear. My feet are so happy these days.

Down or synthetic? Coming from the West of Scotland; synthetic, it likes the rain better but I do have some down gear.

Ale or lager ? Both. I’m a card carrying CAMRA Member. I’m not a spirit or wine drinker. I haven’t acquired a taste for wine and spirits is another story altogether…

Going up or down? Definitely down. I’m a shorty, 5′ 7″ in old money, on a good day after being on the rack. It can be really hard work constantly bouncing my knees off my chest climbing up hills.

Trail or TGO? Neither. Couldn’t actually tell you the last time I bought copy, it’s been that long. Much prefer reading blogs.

Compass or GPS ? I would say compass, I’ve not had one of them let me down yet but a GPS is seriously handy and quick, even the one on my phone.

Other blogs you like to read? As many as I can. I love seeing the outdoors through others eyes. Currently my google reader has 92 feeds in its ‘Outdoors’. It’s great inspiration.

Funniest thing you’ve seen on the hills? A guy walking an inflatable sheep with a tartan leash….

Favourite bit of kit? My Inov8 Roclite 315s. To my feet they feel like slippers.

Favourite tipple? That’s a hard one, Arran Ale springs to mind straight away not the Blonde, Dark or Sunset versions you see in Tesco but the original blue labelled plain old ale. It’s hard to get but well worth it. However I do have a real soft spot for a Miller; a MGD, Genuine Draft. Milwaukee’s finest. Ice cold. I think my CAMRA membership card just went in flames there…

What do you like about blogging? Everything. Sharing my experiences, sharing in other people’s experiences. Also it’s a great community. Everyone is welcoming and happy to talk, whether it’s trips, gear or just to have a good laugh.

Best rant? I’m not really a ranty person, well I don’t think so but I can get a good one going about all those folks that are blinkered by the Highlands…don’t get me started.

Something good about the outdoors? Something; everything is good in the outdoors, even the rain. Just being outside that’s good.

Best joke? Have you heard about the oyster who went to a disco and pulled a mussel?

Football team? (Glasgow) Rangers


Many thanks Tookie, hopefully i will get my arse across the boarder again soon and join you for a Munro. If any other outdoor bloggers fancy being involved in this feature just let me know. The next blogger in the series hails from the US of A.


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  1. That would be excellent, just give me plenty warning so I can put in a permission slip 🙂

    January 15, 2012 at 7:02 pm

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