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A cheap way to make your iphone waterproof

Several companies are charging up to 100 pounds for a waterproof case for the iPhone.

This seems a tad excessive when you can buy a set of three aloksaks for £3.29.

These are certified to 60m by the navy diving unit and are temperature rated to minus 40. Made of polyethylene you are given three sizes in the pack.

12.7 x 10.16
17.14 x 15.24cm
22.86 x 15.24cm

The smallest is suited to the iPhone and all the functions like touch typing and camera work perfectly fine in the bags.

I tested the water resistance by putting some tissue paper in the bags and submerging them for several hours, they all passed with flying colours.

For the gram counters among us the pack of three weigh in at 23g though I suspect this includes the cardboard packaging which can be discarded.

My opinion is these are a total no brainers for hikers.