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Head of Langdale

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A few months away from the hills was needed to make a big push with my new job. But I couldn’t wait any longer so I set off for Langdale on Friday with my trusty walking partner Pepper laid on the backseat of the motor.

Friday night was spent in the ODG, the Cumberland sausage was a real let down and I don’t understand why they changed the old recipe. On Saturday I woke early, cooked breakfast and packed my gear into the car. We set off around 8:30am and the clouds were covering a view of the tops. The pull up to Pike of Blisco showed my lack of mountain legs and we were treated to a cloud inversion of sorts at the summit. Unfortunately that was the last view I would see until I was back in langdale valley.

Cold Pike didn’t cause any problems but navigation across the top of Crinkle Craggs was a nightmare, even so Pepper did rather well for a dog and quickly picked up the art of scrambling. Bow Fell was next and I must return here to tackle this in full winter conditions. Esk Pike was next and Angel Tarn looks like a top place for a wild camp. Pepper got thrown in the tarn after she decided to roll about in a pile of mud, lessons were earned by the young pup.

One more Wainwright completed the days bagging and it was quick stroll up Rossett Pike. By the time I reached the valley the sun was out and I took a quick video to capture the setting.

Legs are aching now which means one thing, I need to get my arse in gear with training for the Welsh 3000 challenge in July.