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Wolds Way Day 4 – East Heslerton to Filey Brigg (15miles)

I was woken at 6:30am my Mike, who had befriended an owner of a caravan, they duly served up warm drinks and a warm gas fire to get us going. It was with great sadness that Mike had to drop out of the final day because of his ongoing feet problems. It was a decision I knew he had not take lightly as we saw his grit and determination the previous day when he selfishly carried Gill’s rucksack the last 2 miles to the Snooty Fox Inn. Packing away we were treated to a lovely cloud inversion. As we waved goodbye we knew today was going to ultimately lead us to our goal.

We rejoined the trail at Manor Wold Farm and walked along the ridge which gave us great views over Heslerton and Sherburn, it was at this point I realised the full extent of my mistake, we had walked over 40km the previous day !!! No wonder we arrived late. It meant we had an easy day in store covering around 15 miles, so we popped into Sherburn for a snack stop.

We passed Potter Bromton and Ganton before resting at RAF Saxton Wold a small military installation.

Flixton Wold and Camp Dale gave us out last views of the Wolds landscape and it was one I certainly had enjoyed over the last 4 days. A couple of miles outside of Muston we got a glorious view of Filey in the distance, we didn’t take in the view long a rainstorm was quickly upon us and the waterproofs came into play. The rain stopped as we waked into Muston and we popped into a pub for a quick pint.

The last few miles brought us through the seaside town on Filey and reaching the sea front meant we could see our goal in sight. Light was just starting to fade as we approached the stone marker at Filey Brigg which signalled the end of our 80 mile trip. Mike and his partner had come to meet us which was a nice touch as we were all together at the start and end of the walk.

All in all it was a great 4 days. I was not expecting much of the Wolds Way, but I can honestly say I was very surprised at the enjoyment it brought. This is a top trail and certainly a trail everyone should consider doing at some point.