Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Your having a giraffe


This has to be the dullest, worst run, badly designed internet forum ever. The same old crap about trolling, cliques and my dads bigger than your dad bullsh1t  has made the site fall to new lows.

Its all there for the owners to make a great site; a national magzine plugging the site, outdoor journalists contributing, a dedicated forum manager and what have they accomplished…..well take a look at a few of the threads and you will see what i mean.

Honestly if you want to see a well run forum then take a look at Walking Forum, Chris who runs the show has the mods well on the ball and the discussion flows well from all parties.

I speak to quite a few LFTO regulars and they all seem to be getting a bit fed up with the whole thing. I think the future of the outdoor/internet connection is in blogging. The content from bloggers keeps me reading day after day, and there are none of the old forum politics to bog things down. Sure people argue but its done with a common decency. Maybe its because the people blogging dont hide behind mutilple forum persona’s from their mams spare bedroom.

I myself have had fallouts through forums with people i have never met, which quite frankly is a bit sad and embarrassing. But its not as embarrasing as hiding behind internet persona’s.

Anyway rant over, if you enjoy forums then craic on, you will find me doing my own thing and writing on this little outdoor diary of mine.



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