Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Black Hambleton circular 05/04/08

Leanne joined me on a 10 mile round walk starting at Square corner car park. As you can see from the photos snow was falling and the moors were covered in mist when we set off. We scrambled straight up the side of Black Hambleton not knowing about a path further down the trail. Thick heather covered in snow made life difficult and we stumbled upon the trig in thick mist. After a quick refreshment provided my new toy Jetboil we set off back on the route.
The weather today was varied and included, thick mist, snow, rain, sun, wind and hail. Highlights of the walk include the snowy start, Black Hambleton Hill (400m), finding a remote church, views form Thimbleby Bank of Teeside and post walk refreshments at Chequers. Well done to Leanne, she did really well considering it was her first proper walk in harsh conditions at times.


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