Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Hadrians Wall – Day Two Harlow Hill to Chollerford (15 miles)

Ukmase says…..

A good night’s sleep and a shower made our feet feel a lot better, the weather today was sunny with light showers. When we reached the Robin Hoods Inn for our second stamp it was closed so we took a mile detour off the route to Malfen High Farm to refuel and check out their brewery. This was a mistake as we spent far too much time here and lost any ground we had made up previously which meant a long day ahead. The walking today was mainly done in fields and roman ditches alongside the B6318, a bit dull to be fair and my least favourite day of the trip. The walk into Cholleford was a nice way to end the day. We pitched up at the Riverside campsite and the Jetboil frying pan was soon in action – pancakes anyone?? Not much sign of the wall today, however Vallum  (roman ditch) was evident. I was worried when we went to sleep that this maybe Keso’s last day on the walk as she was in quite a bit of pain with her leg and feet.


keso says…..

 As Mase mentioned a horrendous start to the day …..greed took over and we headed off the Wall towards a tearoom. Honestly “1 mile” seemed like 5, it took ages. Fair enough the food was delicious, but we had meant to have breakfast there and it was now 1 pm. Oh well. We continued alongside the main road with traffic hurtling along 100mph. (well it seemed that way).

Yet again the last few miles of the day went on for hours and I couldn’t hide my delight in seeing the campsite after the bridge. My heart sunk when seeing the shop was closed. But a very kind lad working in the adjoining garage agreed to open it to get our “treats”. After tea I was in agony and ibufen were needed. After a hot shower I felt loads better and went to sleep. What was in store for the next day ???

Campsite – Riverside campsite / Chollerford

£5 per person with two great showers, the site is close to the river and has a useful shop to stock up on provisions. The Swallow George pub is close by and again I would recommend this site.

[rockyou id=142820713&w=426&h=320]


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