Dont take this seriously….because i dont !!

Hadrians Wall Day 5 Walton to Grinsdale (18miles)

ukmase says……

Having visited Carlisle 5 times to see a football match and only seeing one get played due to the other matches being called off for an unplayable pitch i was dreading this section. To be fair it was easy peasy, and even though Carlisle is a big place, you never really notice the busy city life as you stick to the river eden.  The days of hills and unspoilt scenery had passed and once again it was farmers fields and rural paths. Plenty to see and keep you amused on this section but still the rolling hills had gone and now it was time to take it easy. We made the campsite with no problems and i no knew nothing barring disaster would stop both of us completing the walk the next day.

Keso says….

Delightful start to the day… a series of lovely waterfalls. We passed another stream and a vast amount of patch work fields. Ahead we could see the bright lights of Carlisle.

We passed though Newtown the Laversdale where we enjoyed a refreshing pint, well diet coke for me at the Sportsman Inn.

Old wall was the next point of the trail, where there was a lovely donkey and lots of free range chickens. Before arriving at Crosby we passed Carlisle Airport. We then passed the M6 before following a cycle route onto a Victorian Folly. I was very excited at this point as I realised how close we were to Carlisle, yippee.  After taking a slight wrong turn, we rectified the situation and finally arrived at Sands Sports Centre. We got our passports stamped and enjoyed a tuna salad for moi and mase enjoyed a jacket pot. At this point I was missing Thomas drastically so after a lovely phone call we headed back to the track, oh and stocked up on more ibrufen, sweets and other treats at the local garage. After what seemed like hours and miles we could finally see the Westview Campsite in the distance. We could also see the mobile chip van we had been told about, to our dismay we realised we didn’t have any cash as we had forgotten to go to the bank in Carlisle. However to our delight the chip van took card and also did cash back……. We then plodded on a few more mins to the campsite, after having a quick tour of the lovely site we sat down and ate our fish and chip supper. The girls we had met earlier in the walk were also there, so after a quick chat; it was time for a quick hot shower before heading to bed. The final day was approaching as an early night was due

Campsite – Westview campsite (£5 per person)

Hot shower, wash room and toilet. Also a novel idea was to leave anything you didnt need for the next traveller to use, a kind of recycle scheme. We were running low on shower gel so we topped up. This is a nice small campsite and you can catch a bus back to it if you want to walk the last day without a backpack.

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